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Lately I've come across a bunch of awesome kitchen backsplashes and bathroom tiles that I couldn't help but pick out and put together into a little post. I've long been dead set on turquoise/minty tiles in the kitchen or bathroom of my dream home (anything to remind me of the sea - much like above) but who knew there were so many kinds to actually choose from?

Plain white tiles that aren't plain-looking at all.

source/ph: line falck, source
#4. The more I look at it the sweeter it gets.

Can't go wrong with the chic and sophisticated.


Don't think it gets much cooler than this.

Did you find a fave?


3 Ways I Started Living Happier

They say choose happiness, but they don’t tell you how. How do you make the choice to be happy when you’re curled up under the covers at night and falling apart? It’s not choosing to smile instead of cry when something breaks your heart, because nothing about that would be human.
I’ve come to understand that you choose happiness by not choosing the opposite. It’s finally taking Adele off of repeat after a heartbreak, deleting the reminders of that person instead of staring regretfully at the pictures, or waking up one morning and thinking, “I’m not going to let this take me down.” It’s not being happy all the time, but being sad and then choosing you don't want to be sad anymore.

Not taking yourself too seriously. People who can be humorous when things aren't going as planned are living a different life than the ones that can't. There’s something not right about getting furious over spilling your coffee, missing the train, or forgetting to buy one item on your grocery list.
Go with it, brush it off, and be funny about it. Make the best out of what you can’t change. Remember the episode in ‘FRIENDS’ (here) when Phoebe gets hummus on her dress and ends up clipping on a large Christmas ribbon to cover it? That’s exactly how I want to handle little things that don’t go my way.

The ability and willingness to see people and situations from more than one point-of-view (your own.) It’s a powerful and liberating quality to be able to consider more than one side of a story, to understand that what we experience is only one perspective (and it doesn't necessarily make it real.)
Instead of getting mad at that guy for cutting the line at Starbucks because “he’s a jerk”, consider why he possibly did it. Just thinking, “He must’ve had a bad day” works. Or maybe he has terrible eyesight, forgot his glasses at the office, and didn't see the line at all. This has spared me countless of frustrating emotions (and it amuses me to sometimes come up with the most ridiculous backstories.)

What have you applied to your life that made you happier?


Mango + Kiwi Smoothie | Recipe

I've never liked eating fresh kiwi; I can do with it in fruit salads and now, apparently, love it in smoothies. In a sweeter or milder combination it just adds that perfect zing to your tastebuds and that was no less perfect for this smoothie, which, in my head was weirdly appropriate in the middle of November for a little nice summer flashback (am I the only one who doesn't miss summer one bit?)


9 Reasons Why I Quit Facebook

There's a strange satisfaction in responding that I don't have Facebook when someone asks for it. It feels oddly and liberatingly rebellious in this age. Most reactions are the same raised eyebrows and confusion, some are intrigued. What surprises me is that so many agree and feel the same way about it, only they can't see themselves being without that source of socialization. It would be like falling off the map. Sure, fair enough. I deactivated my account about three years ago and these are 9 of the reasons why I quit:

1. Being an open book
That someone can click on my name and learn of my likes/interests, whereabouts, education/work history, hometown, relationships/friends, photo albums of vacations/birthdays/Christmases dated five years back, my daily thoughts and activity (etc); a convenient timeline and compilation of my “life.” That, freaks me the hell out. I can’t tolerate the idea of being information on a profile, my own Wiki-page. I want to be a person in the same room as you that you have to engage with to learn more about.

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