A Mini 2015 Summer Recap | Travel

Summer may be gone but my memories of this summer's travels are still fresh and vibrant (and I may miss it a ton) so I felt that it might be nice to throw together a sweet, little Instagram post of some of my travel shots from Thailand and Taiwan. Personally, I love Instagram posts and recaps so definitely let me know if you do, too!

1. The majestic Wat Phra Kaew temple where you can find The Emerald Buddha, in Bangkok.
2. Unwinding + cooling down with an unsweetened iced tea at Starbucks.
3. One of my fave experiences in Taiwan, the Taipei 101 Tower. Still fascinated.
4. Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan (check out my Taiwan photo diary here, if you haven't!)
5. So pretty. Strolling from the hotel to the underground station, in Taipei.
6. Macarons + bed, sometimes I wonder if it gets better than this.
7. My typical island accessories consists of cute slip-ons + a white hat.
8. A sweet, little jungle trek en route to the beach.
9. The luxury of a private whirlpool on the terrace.

10. Concrete wall + endless nature beyond, makes me appreciate nature so much.
11. Having a raspberry macaron on the balcony just before a storm.
12. Sky + sea + sand, about all you need to revitalize your heart.
13. The perfect place to have a morning dip, so peaceful.
14. Peeking out the window at 5 AM in Bangkok and soaking up the moment.
15. One of my fave lipsticks of the summer (a lipstick post coming up!)
16. Quality cafĂ© time. Here drinking a Melon + Vanilla tea.
17. Greens + blues at their best.
18. One last glimpse of the sunset before packing up my bags to go home.

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Do you have a fave shot?

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