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Autumn is most definitely my favorite season to dress myself as I'm finally able to bring out the oversized and the knits, and fold away the maxi skirts and flimsy tops. To me, autumn is all about staying cozy, comfy, and casual-chic before going all incognito in the winter, as I do (am I the only one that basically wants to look like a ninja in the wintertime?!)

I have a few key pieces that make up my autumn attire and once I've found them it's a long-term relationship, so most of these garments are oldies but I've tried finding similar items and have linked them if you're interested. Here are eight of my wardrobe staples for this season:

» The knitted sweater.

Is it just me or is it just the best thing to be able to pull out that perfect knit in the autumn? Well, 'perfect' may be too big of a word but I've found a close-perfect in this monochrome knit. It's so comfortable; cozy but still very breathable, and warm without being heavy. The design is also very flattering on. What I find so great about knitted sweaters is that they're versatile, with the right kind of knit you can get away with almost anything. I found a similar-looking one in various colors here!

» The right-sized bag.

I seem to either have little bags or humungous ones so it was time to try and find that right-sized bag for those A/W essentials (gloves, hat, mini umbrella, etc.) I spotted this in the store and went back to poke at it a couple of times before deciding to go for it. I like the simplicity, it's discreet but not totally plain-looking. The style of the opening is a neat detail but not very practical if you fuss with your bag a lot (like me - opening and closing and taking things out all the time) but the bag is a great size so that has to make up for it. You can find it here.

» The oversized sweater.

This is my favorite sweater ever. I got it on a whim about two years ago and it's been so well-loved since. It's huge on, basically a slouchy sweater dress. As it's made out of a thinner material it's ideal to layer; I like wearing this denim shirt underneath when it gets colder, the denim and collar peeking out is an interesting touch to an otherwise basic look. I'll wear this sweater on a casual day with black leggings or skinny jeans just as much as lounging at home with a pair of fuzzy slippers.

» The blouse + knitted cardigan combo.

As much as I want to live in a tent-like sweater forever and ever, sometimes that sweater needs to go in the laundry bin, and I can go ahead and wear something less "tent" and more "leaving the house," but still feel ridiculously comfy. This is my go-to outfit in the autumn; it's very basic but looks decently stylish - throwing on a pair of black skinny jeans and knee-high boots (seen below) and I'm fit for a day out. And just by putting on/taking off the cardigan you have a more "dressed up" or dressed down look.

» The fuzzy sweater.

It's not autumn or winter without a really soft, fuzzy sweater. Those that look a little bit like your bathroom rug and feel like feathers on your skin. You're cheating the cold when you own one of these as they make you feel so warm and content in frigid weather. They're great for wearing on their own in the autumn and then for layering in the winter. I've noticed that H&M always have a version of the fuzzy sweater every A/W if you're looking for one, I found one here.

» The perfect coat.

I'm definitely a coat gal - I love that they're timeless, durable, and you always look put together when wearing them. If you have small shoulders, like me, unstructured coats will be your best friend. I found this particular one not too long ago and fell fast - it's almost fleece-y in material (a dream if you can't stand scratchy coats) and is basically a blanket in disguise. You can find it here (unfortunately they ship to very few countries...)

snapshot from my Instagram

» The knee-high boots.

Forget the snuggly sweaters, boots are my autumn kryptonite. I'm normally drawn to biker boots but have always loved knee-high boots, they're so chic and keep your legs super warm(!) Though, I find it incredibly difficult finding a pair that fit my legs well. A good tip is looking for ones that have an elastic backside, they won't be as warm or look as good (in my opinion) but they'll fit much, much better. These ones (above) is one of my newest additions, unfortunately I couldn't find it online anymore to link to.


What are your autumn wardrobe staples?

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