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I've recently become somewhat obsessed with body oils, they're pretty life-changing, at least to dry skin. I know a lot of people who think moisturizing daily is a chore and even more who don't even do it (or need to do it) so adding another step into that post-shower or evening routine is likely a big n-o for them. Since moisturizing my body is essential for my skin's survival I really don't mind adding body oils to my bathroom cabinet and it's been a strangely calming step in my post-shower routine. These are the ones I've been loving and reaching for:

Rituals Xiu Xi Calming Body & Massage Oil. This body oil has an incredibly calming scent of white lotus and yi yi ren (a chinese herb), lightly floral and clean. It's on the neutral side, a scent that makes me think of body washes, just clean and calming. It contains oils of sweet almond, grape seed, and sunflower seed, amongst others. Being a massage oil it doesn't absorb or spread out immediately, you kind of have to work it into your skin for a minute as it warms which is perfect for post-showers in the winters when it's chilly. It's definitely hard to use sparingly, I seem to be pumping the crap out of this when I'm using it. However, this is the one I turn to when I want my skin to be extra-extra-extra soft, because once it's there it's oh so lovely. And that scent goes nowhere, it'll linger all through the night on your skin which I haven't experienced with another body oil. If you're looking for a zen-like and spa-luxurious body oil, this is for you.

Dove DermaSpa Goodness Silky Body Oil. Boy, did this product take me by complete surprise, it's basically a daily luxury product in a bottle. The scent containing vanilla, coconut, and musk is fresh, somewhat warm, and darn delicious. I can't say I particularly recognize the vanilla nor coconut scent and it isn't really a vanilla-coconut concoction I've smelled before, but it is crazy yummy (I thought it reminded me of pears the first few times I used it!) This oil is easy-peasy to apply to your body and it sinks in just as easily. I was a tad hesitant about the seemingly golden shimmer in it but it's pretty much invisible on your skin (meaning you won't see any shimmer even when shining a flashlight on your arm. Yeah, I did this), it just has this quality of luminosity. I actually love that the oil is golden, it just makes me feel like I'm going to turn into a goddess. I, no doubt, experience that this makes my skin all silky and wonderful.

The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil. I've basically finished this bottle but I had to include it before I go out and get another one. If you're looking for an oil that lasts a long time, look over here! I feel that this little guy has been with me forever, it refuses to run out. I'll start with the downside, the packaging has been a slight nightmare for me. Since the oil is a extremely liquid-y and lightweight consistency it easily spills everywhere with this type of lid (big warning if you plan on traveling with this, it's spilled on me even when I've taped it up.) Apart from that, the oil itself is great with a fresh coconut scent (not the typical sweet/coconut oil scent.) It's fresh but still warm, comforting, and rich - just as perfect for a tropical vacation as it is cozy for wintertime. This is a dry oil so it's not sticky or slick and will make your skin super smooth, the product is also meant for face and hair if you want to multi-use it.


Do you have a favorite moisturizing body oil?
Have you tried these?

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